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Needed to hear this today! 🙏🏻❤️

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Appreciate this post like all your posts Annie! In a way I think life would be easier if people were like cars. When you (and by "you" I mean people who know stuff about cars, not me) look at a car you can see what its mileage is, how big the engine is, how fast it goes, what kinds of roads it drives best on, whether it takes diesel, unleaded or electricity, whether it has any parts damaged or missing, etc. And you're well aware that different makes serve different purposes for different target markets. It's obvious a Mini can't do some of the stuff an SUV can do, and it's equally obvious that the SUV can't do everything the Mini can do.

Whereas when it comes to people we tend to assume that most of us can, or should, function the same way for the same reasons in the same environments with the same energy level. An endless source of confusion and sadness I think.

Your post actually reminds me a lot of my first Substack post, published a year and a half ago now. Linking in case you're interested :) Best of luck with the job hunt. Been there, it's not easy.


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